Top 10 best gaming mouse under 100$

Before buying a mousepad for games, you must know that you do not need it. Most modern gaming mice have a function known as surface calibration. With this function, the mouse sensor detects the type of surface to be restored and adjusts its return accordingly. So, almost any surface can be the ideal mouse pad.

When looking for a mouse pad, there are only a few key factors to consider: material, thickness, and size. Some companies, such as SteelSeries, offer sizes from mini (9.8 x 8.3 inches) to XXL (36 x 18 inches), suitable for players who have a limited workspace or who play at very low speeds. Points per inch (DPI) and you need a lot more space than the average user. Other users prefer huge mouse pads to put their keyboards.

100$ gaming mouse

Other mouse pads, such as the Razer Firefly, are different from anything on the market and combine expensive electronic components with single pads. No matter which one you choose, you should also consider a wrist rest; Best gaming mouse mats allow the mice to move and are usually not thick enough to make your wrist much more comfortable than putting it on your desk.
The Logitech PowerPlay system has introduced a new type of mouse pad: the one that loads the mice during use. The PowerPlay system itself is functional, but expensive, and does not offer many advantages over the simple use of an ordinary rechargeable wireless mouse. However, other companies, such as Razer and Corsair, will soon launch their own competitive models that offer benefits beyond wireless charging of gaming peripherals. We will review them as soon as they become available.

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How we tested the game mouse mats
Mouse mats do not usually require configuration (except those with electronic components such as the Razer Firefly). Just drop them on your desk, stretch them out and leave, so we just evaluate their effectiveness in the game.

To test the performance of a mouse pad, we lead it through a number of different games, including first-person shooters, real-time strategy titles, and massive multiplayer online experiences.

Do you really need a mouse pad?
As mentioned, mouse mats are not as important as before. In mice with surface tuning, a mouse pad is often useful, especially if it has a smooth, uniform and elastic surface underneath. Wooden tables can support most mice, such as formica, stone and other opaque materials.

On the other hand, if you play competing games or are just impolite with your mouse, you may damage your device or the surface below it. In cases like these, a $ 10 mouse pad could avoid running hundreds on a new desk. In my experience, the average cheap gaming mouse surface of the mouse and the desktop are completely harmless to each other, but a good mouse for games can last for years. If you invest $ 80 in a front-line device, another $ 10 or $ 20 will not hurt in the grand scheme of things.