Independence Day of USA

July 4th is a very important day for Americans. They celebrate Independence Day with fanfare. It’s a little bit their national holiday, their 14th of July to them, but precisely what are they celebrating on that day? And how do they party?

Why is July 4th an important date in the United States?

Every year, on 4th of July quotes 2018, Americans celebrate a fundamental and defining event in their history: the signing of their Declaration of Independence. Because we must not forget that until 1776 America was a British colony.

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How did the independence of America take place in 1776?

At the beginning of the 17th century, English, French, and Spanish immigrated to America. English Puritans, in particular, persecuted by Jacques 1st embark on the Mayflower and founded Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. In the 18th century, the thought of philosophers of the Enlightenment in France, and heavy taxes imposed by the British Crown fueling the dispute in different US states. In June 1776, Virginia proclaims “1st Free State of the United States, “soon followed by twelve others. On July 4, 1776, the 13 British colonies proclaimed their independence and their new status as American states. Meeting in Philadelphia, their representatives ratify their declaration of independence, a text written by Thomas Jefferson. They declare war on England. To support them, France sends them a ship, L’Hermione, – rebuilt identically recently – and a marquis, the famous LaFayette.

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What is happening on July 4th in the United States?

It’s a big patriotic party! In many cities, there are parades of brass bands, tanks, in the morning, and the day ends with magnificent fireworks. The whole country is colored red, white, and blue, the colors of its flag. Americans find themselves with family or friends around happy barbecues.

Is it a holiday?

It is one of the most important holidays in the United States. After selling tons of cakes of red, white, blue colors, quantities of flags, trumpets and other party accessories, the stores are closed. Banks, post offices, schools too. Only the sites like , the museums.

What to do in New York that day?

That day many New Yorkers go to Long Island or Fire Island to grill! Trains and beaches are crowded! In New York, the fireworks are great; you have to arrive early in the morning to have the best seats on the East River. Dinner cruises very chic are organized to enjoy the view. Tourist buses also provide a special excursion but of course you have to book because tickets are limited!