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If you are looking for a realistic and highly technical race simulation, few of you are better than Assetto Corsa. Originally released in 2014 but recently updated, the game offers a physics system unlike any other. You can feel the weight of the car spin and brake, a sense of realism enhanced by the impressive graphic fidelity of the game. A recent fix for Sony’s PS4 Pro optimization has also been released, which makes a big in performance . Assetto Corsa runs at a speed of 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro, regardless of the number of vehicles on the screen.

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If you choose the game now, you have the option to download all the additional content that the developer Kunos Simulazioni has added over the years. These include custom entry halls, improvements in the online multiplayer mode and several road and car packages. The game is often cited as the best console racing simulator and with a game that is so polite, it’s easy to understand why.
We now have a new trend, which proves to be a major source of revenue and therefore an extremely influential force in game design: Games as a Service. The premise, of course, is to keep players longer with so-called “live experiences” that constantly add new content to a basic package. The original Destiny brought the wheels of this new approach to rolling, and now it has become a solo experience as Assassin’s Creed: Expanded Origins and Final Fantasy XV, where new content has tried to solve problems and offer new incentives to play beyond the last credit.

The problem is that now it’s a new frustrating way to start games without content with the intention of bringing the experience to life in the months and years after launch. Worse, this mandate is at best vaguely explained.

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Fate was indeed at the origin of modern games as a service and the first major culprit. His solo campaign and end-game problems, unfortunately neglected, were probably not intentional, but the plan was still to add essential content in the future. This is a policy that has been repeated with the continuation of the game, in which the basic content may be even rarer than its predecessor. On the other hand, No Man’s Sky may have been conceived as a service game, but he also tried to realize his great galactic vision years after the launch. To be honest, the involvement of Hello Games was really impressive, and we will never really know the circumstances Ps4 racing games that led to its notorious and disappointing publication. However, the fact is that there is no way that this type of approach is the edict on which a full-price game should be based. The mistakes that are solved by tireless effort after the start, are one thing, but the simple fact “build a solid foundation,” is no experience in the video game for which you have to pay $ 60.