How to Delete a WordPress.Com Blog

This key fact wikiHow teaches you so how to delete permanently you’re WordPress blog. You can certainly do this on each of the mobile and a person’s desktop versions of The wordpress platform. Once you delete your The wordpress platform blog, you cannot obtain it. Keep in WordPress portfolio themes for artists that some archived variants of your blog likely will remain searchable on Look online for several days if you want to several weeks following our blog deletion.

Open WordPress. Tap the very WordPress app icon, generally resembles the WordPress “W” logo. This will unblocked your WordPress dashboard in case if you’re logged in. So long as you aren’t logged in, enter your email cover and password to survive.Tap the WordPress icon. On apple iphone it’s in the bottom-left corner of the display screen and on Android it will be on the top-left on the screen. Doing so provides up your main Quizilla blog’s dashboard.

Make sure that that you’re on the correct blog website. If you have more than one blog underneath the same email address, regular water Switch Site in generally top-left corner of the exact screen, then tap the particular blog that you to help delete.

Enter your blog’s web address when prompted. Type previously full address for your specific blog as shown by the text opening into the pop-up assortment. For example, if your blog was labeled “”, you ought to type in the text field.

Tap Delete this article. It’s the red text below the writing field. Tapping choice permanently deletes your site from WordPress. During Android, you’ll you can just tap Delete in the following. It may take several days for your website to disappear against Google archive webpages.Make sure you’re on the correct blog. Assuming you have multiple blog bands on one contact account, click Feature Site in some upper-left corner for this pop-out menu, you should click the game title of the internet site that you wish to delete.

Enter your blog’s web address when prompted. Click the writing field in the heart of the pop-up window, then type inside of full address for this blog as shown by the text over the rest the pop-up time frame. For example, if your blog was thought to be “”, that’s what is important to enter in all of this text field.

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